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Brook Benton


A collection of 20 classic tracks from the legendary Brook Benton.


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Brook Benton’s incredible talent as a songwriter and singer assured him many places in the charts during the late fifties. This collection spans the early part of his career during which he co-wrote and sang hits such as ‘It’s just a matter of Time’, and performed alongside other iconic stars like Dinah Washington.
Track Song Track Song
1 Call Me 11 You Can Tell me Your Dreams
2 Baby (You’ve Got What it Takes) 12 I’m In The Mood For Love
3 Not One Step Behind 13 But Beautiful
4 A Rockin’ Good Way (To Mess Around and Fall in Love) 14 When I Fall in Love
5 Someone to Believe In 15 Hold Me
6 I Do 16 I’ll String Along With You
7 Because of Everything 17 The More I see You
8 I Believe 18 Love Me or Leave Me
9 The Nearness of You 19 I Could Have Told You
10 I Can’t Begin to Tell You 20 It’s Just a Matter of Time

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