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With Love From Elvis


Elvis Presley’s formidable impact on music is showcased here through 40 tracks for lovers and fans.


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This incredible collection brings you 40 love songs from the king of Rock n’ Roll.
Track Song Track Song
1 Love Me Tender 21 I Want You I Need You I Love You
2 Don’t 22 Give Me The Right
3 One Night 23 Sentimental Me
4 Fever 24 I’m Comin’ Home
5 Can’t Help Falling in Love 25 Gently
6 Are You Lonesome Tonight 26 I Want You With Me
7 It’s Now or Never 27 I Slipped I stumbled I fell
8 Surrender 28 Make Me Know It
9 There’s Always Me 29 I Will Be Home Again
10 In Your Arms 30 Thrills Of Your Love
11 Stuck On You 31 Soldier Boy
12 Fame And Fortune 32 It Feels So Right
13 I Feel So Bad 33 Like A Baby
14 Heartbreak Hotel 34 Reconsider Baby
15 Don’t Be Cruel 35 Wear My Ring Around Your Neck
16 Such A Night 36 Got a Lot of Living To Do
17 Too Much 37 Loving You
18 I Need Your Love Tonight 38 I Beg of You
19 All Shook Up 39 Island of Love
20 (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear 40 Trying To Get to You


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