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Daddio – 150 Classic Lounge Tracks

Daddyo 150 Classic Lounge Tracks15o Classic Lounge Tracks Available Now – Starting from just £3.49

Love Lounge Music? Make the most of it, with these 150 classic tracks from some of the most  laidback artists of all time.

With 150 tracks including Dean Martin – Sway,Louis Armstrong – La Vie En Rose, Sam Cooke – Wonderful World,Andy Williams – Butterfly, Perry Como – Magic Moments, Tony Bennett – Because of You. This album sums up a generation who captured the cool of Lounge Music and the singers who would be the fathers of Easy Listening and classic jazz.

This great value album is available to download on iTunes now. We’d love to know your thoughts so please comment and discuss the tracks below and on our Facebook page!

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