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Judy Garland


11 classic Judy Garland tracks that will prove a definitive introduction to this fabulous performer’s musical


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While famous for starring in The Wizard of Oz and many other hugely successful movies, Judy Garland also created a sensation with her extraordinary musical performances. This collection traces a beautiful voice through classics like ‘Come Rain Come Shine’ and ‘Any place I hang my hat is Home’ and will be sure to delight the novice and the dedicated fan alike!.
Track Song
1 Come Rain or Come Shine 7 I Will Come Back
2 Just Imagine 8 Dirty Hands, Dirty Face
3 I Feel A Song Coming On 9 Lucky Day
4 Last Night When We Were Young 10 Memories of You
5 Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries 11 Any Place I hang my hat is Home
6 April Showers

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