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Bill Haley and the Comets


Bill Haley and the Comets Cover

Bill Haley and The Comets made music history with one particular track, but also created an exciting catalogue of music, showcased in this fantastic collection.

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With the recording and release of Rock Around The Clock, Bill Haley and The Comets brought Rock n’ Roll to a mass audience. Building on the success and hysteria of their music, the band released hits that would change music forever. This collection gathers their most essential recordings.
Track Song Track Song
1 Rock Around The Clock 7 Dim, Dim the lights
2 Shake Rattle and Roll 8 Happy Baby
3 A.B.C Boogie 9 Birth of the Boogie
4 Thirteen Women 10 Mambo Rock
5 Razzle Dazzle 11 Burn that Candle
6 Two Hound Dogs 12 Rock-a-beatin’ Boogie
Bill Haley