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James Brown


James Brown was more than a funk innovator. This collection of 42 recordings traces his early days as a soul legend.


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James Brown had it all. Good looks, an exciting stage presence, innovative dance moves, outstanding songwriting skills and most of all: a mind-blowing voice. This collection is a true gem, showcasing material recorded before he became a funk legend. James Brown’s passion and talent shines through, promising to delight and surprise the listener. A must-have for any music fan.
Track Song Track Song
1 It Was You 22 I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On
2 Please, Please, Please 23 I Walked Alone
3 Try Me 24 No, No, No, No Don’t Leave Me This Way
4 Think 25 You’re Mine, You’re Mine
5 I’ll Go Crazy 26 Hold My Baby’s Hand
6 Why Do You Do Me 27 Let’s Make It
7 Bewildered 28 Gonna Try
8 Messing With The Blues 29 Can’t Be The Same
9 Good Good Lovin’ 30 Fine Old Foxy Self
10 I Don’t Know 31 Love Or A Game
11 I Want You So Bad 32 Begging, Begging
12 The Bells 33 Baby Cries Over The Ocean
13 That Dood It 34 That’s When i Lost My Heart
14 You’ve Got The Power 35 There Must Be a Reason
15 Baby, You’re Right 36 I’ve Got To Change
16 And I Do Just What I Want 37 It Hurts to Tell You
17 Just Won’t Do Right 38 Don’t Let it Happen To Me
18 Tell Me What I Did Wrong 39 Wonder When You’re Coming Home
19 This Old Heart 40 (Do The) Mashed Potatoes (Part 1)
20 So Long 41 I’ll Never, Never Let You Go
21 Chonnie-On-Chon 42 If You Want Me

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