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Eddie Cochran


Eddie Cochran Cover

This forty track compilation highlights the rebellious yet light-hearted character of Rock n’ Roller Eddie Cochran.

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Inspired by James Dean, Eddie Cochran was a hero and a legend to teenagers across the world in the late fifties. From ‘Summertime Blues’ to ‘Twenty Flight Rock’ and ‘C’mon Everybody’,  this album brings together forty classic Cochran tracks in one amazing collection.

Track Song Track Song
1 Summertime Blues 21 Am I Blue
2 C’Mon Everybody 22 Mean When I’m Mad
3 Twenty Flight Rock 23 Completely Sweet
4 Something Else 24 Undying Love
5 I Remember 25 I’m Alone Because Of You
6 Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie 26 Lovin’ Time
7 Sittin’ In The Balcony 27 Proud Of You
8 Drive-In Show 28 Stockin’s N Shoes
9 Hallelujah I Love Her Soe 29 Tell Me Why
10 Teenage Heaven 30 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
11 Pretty Girl 31 Two Blue Singin’ Stars
12 Cradle Baby 32 Mr Fiddle
13 One Kiss 33 Your Tomorrow’s Never Come
14 Little Angel 34 Guilty Conscience
15 Pocketful Of Hearts 35 Walkin’ Stick Boogie (Jerry Capehart featuring Cochran Brothers)
16 Teresa 36 Rollin’ (Jerry Capehart featuring Cochran Brothers)
17 The Boll Weevil Song 37 Tired And Sleepy
18 Love Again 38 Fool’s Paradise
19 Don’t Ever Let Me Go 39 Skinny Jim
20 Dark Lonely Street 40 Half Loved
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