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Elvis Presley


Elvis Presley Cover

No one has had a much of an impact on music as Elvis, and our incredible 100 track collection brings you his greatest material for an amazingly low price.

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Arguably the most popular and influential singer of the twentieth century, Elvis Presley is widely considered as the one who brought Rock n Roll to the masses and made it the phenomenon which would alter music forever.  Our fantastic collection brings together a huge amount of his work, with classics such as ‘Jailhouse Rock’  and  ‘Love me Tender’ appearing alongside a number of lesser known tracks like ‘Almost Always True’, waiting to be discovered by eager Elvis fans.


Track Song Track Song
1 Love Me Tender 9 Surrender
2 Jailhouse Rock 10 Blue Suede Shoes
3 Fever 11 Are You Lonesome Tonight
4 Can’t Help Falling in Love 12 Heartbreak Hotel
5 Wooden Heart 13 Don’t Be Cruel
6 Hound Dog 14 All Shook Up
7 Don’t 15 Loving You
8 Stuck on you 16 Give Me The Right

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