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Paul Anka


Paul Anka Cover

A fantastic collection of 44 hits from the legendary Paul Anka.

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Paul Anka, The original teen idol, proved to be exceptionally versatile in moving between Big Band and Teen Pop. Not only an incredible voice, his talent as a writer shined through recordings such as ‘Diana’, ‘You Are My Destiny’,’ Lonely Boy’, and ‘Crazy Love’, allowing him to conquer the charts again and again. With more than forty tracks, this collection focuses on the blazing run of hits which Anka recorded in the fifties, including a selection of rarities such as ‘Pigalle’ for the dedicated listener.
Track Song Track Song
1 Diana 23 I Confess
2 You Are My Destiny 24 Blau-Wile Deveest Fontaine
3 Put Your Head On My Shoulder 25 Tell Me That You Love Me
4 Lonely Boy 26 Pity Pity
5 I Love You Baby 27 Jambalaya
6 Crazy Love 28 Just Young
7 I Remember 29 It’s Time To Cry
8 Don’t Ever Leave Me 30 Red Sails In The Sunset
9 Waiting For You 31 I’ve Heard That Song Before
10 (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings 32 Down By The Riverside
11 I Miss You So 33 When I Stop Loving You
12 Don’t Gamble With Love 34 Under Paris Skies
13 So It’s Goodbye 35 Pigalle
14 You Belong To Me 36 Comme Ci, Comme Ca
15 Sing, Sing Sing (With A Swing) 37 C’est Si Bon
16 Side By Side 38 Melodie D’Amour
17 Walkin’ My Baby Back Home 39 I Love Paris
18 Your Cheatin’ Heart 40 If You Love Me (Really Love Me)
19 Let The Bells Keep Ringing 41 Les Filles De Paris
20 Autumn Leaves 42 Teen Commandments Of Love (With George Hamilton VI)
21 That’s Love 43 Verboten (Forgiven)
22 Midnight 44 Your Love