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Woody Guthrie


Woody Guthrie Cover

The definitive compilation of greatest hits from one of America’s most beloved and revered songwriters.

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A pioneer of American folk and country music, Woody Guthrie would record hundreds of songs within his lifetime, and go on to inspire thousands of musicians. As a social activist with a unique voice and songwriting ability, Guthrie’s legacy across American culture is incalculable. With forty tracks including ‘This Land is Your Land’ and ‘The Car Song’, this collection from HLI showcases some of his most beloved and legendary songs.

Track Song Track Song
1 This Land Is Your Land 21 Hard Travellin’
2 Car Song 22 Philadephia Lawyer
3 Jesus Christ 23 So Long (It’s Been Good To Know You)
4 Do Re Mi 24 Old Time Religion
5 Pretty Boy Floyd 25 Take A Whiff On Me
6 Pastures of Plenty 26 Go Tell Aunt Rhody
7 House of The Rising Sun 27 I Ride An Old Paint
8 1913 Massacre 28 New Found Land
9 Ludlow Massacre 29 Mule Skinner Blues
10 Dust Bowl Blues 30 Gambling Man
11 Vigilante Man 31 Wreck of The Old 97
12 John Henry 32 Sally Don’t You Grieve
13 Grand Coulee Dam 33 Farm Labour Train
14 Tom Joad Part 1 34 Talking Sailor Blues
15 Tom Joad Part 2 35 Dust Can’t Kill Me
16 Cumberland Gap 36 Stackolee
17 Talking Dust Bowl Blues 37 Ship In The Sky
18 Rangers Command 38 Sinking of The Reuben James
19 I Ain’t Got No Home 39 When The Yanks Go Marching In
20 Jack Hammer Blues 40 Great Dust Storm (Dust Storm Disaster)

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